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Panch Tulsi Drops
Panch Tulsi Drops
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Panch Tulsi Drops

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Consume daily for best results.

Directions for use: Drink 5–10 drops Punch Tulsi Drops in half of a glass (100ml) of milk/water/tea. Do this twice per day or consult with your doctor.

Suitable for all age groups. For best results, use consistently & for overall health benefits.

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Tulsi – known as the ‘Queen of Herb’, is a well-known sacred plant from India and is considered a sacred extract in Ayurveda. With a wealth of healthy active substances and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibiotic properties, a tulsi leaf is a potent therapeutic herb that can protect against common ailments and infections. It also assists in coping with stress and promotes general health and longevity. In light of the benefits of Tulsi leaf, Neuherbs has introduced Wild Tulsi Drops that offer the protection of five varieties of wild tulsi pure, which are Vishnu Tulsi, Shweta Tulsi as well as Kapuri Tulsi. Ram Tulsi and Van Tulsi.

Rama’s Panch Tulsi drops can be comprised of five varieties of Tulsi that comprise Kala Tulsi, Marua Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Bisva Tulsi as well as Lemon Tulsi. Rama’s Panch Tulsi is an immune booster that is available in liquid form. Tulsi used to be one of the most commonly utilized in treating general cough, colds, and seasonal illnesses in the past. Combining the many properties of the herb, it can provide relief from common ailments and allergies.

Health Benefits:

1.The wild tulsi extract from the liquid helps increase immunity and boosts the immunity to viral infections. It also protects the body from toxic heavy metals. Its anti-stress component helps reduce anxiety and stress and helps prevent and fight the common cold and cough while ensuring the health of your respiratory system.

2.It could also improve digestion by easing stomach discomfort, reducing acid production, and removing contaminants from your body while purifying blood. It protects against the obstacles that stand in your direction of overall health.

3.Assuring the security of the consumer, Rama Panch Tulsi Drops have been microbiologically tested and heavy metals tested.

4.We take pride in being a firm believer in Purity and Safety. We have made sure it doesn’t contain any added salt, sugar, or other ingredients or is free of preservatives, artificial color, or flavor to preserve its purity.

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