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Noni Juice
Noni Juice

Noni Juice

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Directions for use:

Drink on an empty stomach diluted in 150ml water at least 30 mins before meal.

  • First 3 days drink only 5 ml twice,
  • second 3 days 10ml twice daily,
  • seventh day onwards 15-30 ml twice every day.


Use twice daily for 6-12 months to gain better results.


Alcohol, coffee, food when consumed before the recommended time cuts out the effectiveness of noni.


Expiry: Best before 36 months from the date of manufacture



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Noni juice is known for several health benefits in modern and traditional Ayurveda. Rich in essential antioxidants, Noni boosts your energy levels and rejuvenates you. The antioxidant properties and multivitamins of the herb boost your immune system, thereby increasing your body’s disease-resistance capacity. Noni ayurvedic tonic has been treated as a complete body function remedy for your overall health. The substances of noni contain potassium which helps in repairing the damaged cells in the body, activating the immune system, and also0 focusing on other body functions. Rama International’s Ayurvedic Noni  Juice is a certified product produced under international GMP regulations. It is one of the best selling ayurvedic noni Juice.

Noni Juice is derived from the fruit of a tiny evergreen plant known as Indian Mulberry. It is a potent antioxidant and a natural detoxifier that has been utilized for over 2000 years to aid in the whole body’s function. The Concentrate is safe and contains 100% natural ingredients, and is made to high-quality standards. When combined with the benefits of Garcinia and Aloe Vera, the Concentrate makes a potent healthy food source derived from nature for better energy, better health and body balance, and overall well-being. Noni is believed to revive tissues and cells, improve the body’s ability to heal itself, and improve the quality of blood.

Benefits of  Ayurvedic noni juice for overall healthcare:

The green-yellow ayurvedic herb Noni extracted from the nutritionally rich Indian soils aids digestion and the immune system. It also assists in maintaining blood sugar levels and acts as an excellent natural memory enhancer.

Aid Weight Management:
Noni juice helps you to manage weight and managing obesity. In conjunction with calorie-restricting daily routines and exercises, drinking noni juice contributes to a significant weight loss. It also helps to preserve the active muscle cells.

Protect Against Toxicities:
Smoking tobacco weakens the immune system and puts the risk of contracting various bacteria and viral infections.
Noni syrup protects against the toxic effects of smoking tobacco. It does this by Controlling systemic inflammation and Normalizing blood lipids.

Boosts Energy:
A potent source of antioxidants and essential nutrients, Noni Juice, can provide you with energy. It also energizes the body and enhances your mental health.



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