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Stem Cell Powder
Stem Cell Powder

Stem Cell Powder

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To get the best result of Rama International best ayurvedic medicine Stem Cell Powder-

Take 10grams of this powder mixed with water, juice and advised to be taken with the morning meal.

Serving size – 10g

Serving per bottle – 60

**Use regularly for 6 – 12months for effective results

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Stem Cells Powder  by Rama has stem cells that are a sophisticated formula stuffed with natural ingredients that have been confirmed by research to boost the circulation of stem cells over a long time. The cells are rejuvenated and stimulate the body’s cells to increase energy and boost overall well-being and health. It doesn’t contain flavorings or colors because it is a completely natural supplement.

Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Heart disease can strip tissues of the heart from oxygen and trigger the development of scar tissue. This affects blood pressure and blood flow. According to studies, stem cells from the adult bone marrow may transform into the cells needed to repair heart and blood vessels by releasing various growth factors.

Health Benefits:

1.Rama Stem Cells Powder is a pure Immunity Booster powder that is an optimal formulation for giving your immune system an increase in your immunity.

2.The stem cell powder may aid in blood cleansing and eliminate digestive problems. Stem cells stimulate and rejuvenate body cells to boost the level of energy and boost overall health.

3.Well versed is the leader in the world of the latest nutrition and food products that can be used for all types of diets.

4.It helps balance the basic and acidic levels of the body by controlling the number of various ions such as sodium and hydroxyl ions and potassium.

5.It helps increase the body’s defense against various antigens, which can have adverse effects.

6.It aids in controlling ongoing inflammation and oxidative stress that occurs in blood vessels that are beneficial in preventing illnesses like strokes, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, cardiac arrest, etc.

7.Steam cell proteins powder is specifically designed for women and athletes supplemented with various nutrients and vitamins that can help stop hair loss, regulate hormones, maintain adequate blood sugar levels, and prevent aging.





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