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Best Blood Purifier

Best Blood Purifier
    • Aloe Vera Juice

      28.7% 100.00249.00 249.00

      Specifications: Net volume: 500ml Uses: Use for 6-12 months for better results Directions for use: Shake well before use Product for adults Keep away from underage children Consume within one month after opening Do not purchase if the bottle is leaked or puffed Expiry: Best before 36 months from manufacturing date No side effects. The product is made with aloe…

    • Blood Pressure Ds Capsule

      50.1% 500.00499.00 499.00

      Specifications: Dose: 1 to 2 Capsule twice a day or as advised by the physician. Contains 60 capsules. Indication: Cardiovascular and renal hypertension. Insomnia due to anxiety and stressful conditions. Irritability and nervous tension. No Side Effect Usage Directions: Take one capsule twice a day after meal or as directed by a health practitioner

    • D-Care Diabetic Tonic

      26.8% 500.001,090.00 1,090.001,490.00

      Specifications: Usage – The course of Ayurvedic Medicine D-care is of 45 days for sugar patients and the product is 100% ayurvedic made from the Herbs of Himalaya. Benefits – Cure Diabetes purifies the blood Serving size – 500ml – 1000 ml Expiry – 2 years from manufacturing Doses – 10ml- 20ml before or after a meal or as directed…

    • Giloy Elaichi Juice

      25.1% 100.00299.00 299.00

      Specifications: Health benefits of Giloy: Improves immunity Control Relieves & Help in Diabetes Suggested Usage: 25-50 ml twice a day with water before a meal as suggested by a dietician. Use for 6-12 months for better results. Keep in a cool, dark & dry place.

    • Karela Jamun Juice

      20.1% 50.00199.00 199.00

      Specifications: Benefits: Helps maintain Blood Sugar levels Extra boost for your immunity Deep cleaning your body Helps in Digestion Revitalizes your skin from inside out Directions to use: Shake the bottle well before using Dilute 30 ml juice in a glass of water and consume. Have it twice a day before meals for best results

    • Neem Capsule

      40.1% 200.00299.00 299.00

      Specification:  Net Quantity: 60 Capsules Consume daily for best results. Direction for use: Take 1 to 2 Neem capsules twice a day or as directed by your physician Suitable for all age groups. For best results, use consistently & for overall health benefits. Neem Capsules for daily health needs are enriched with all the necessary goodness of pure and natural…

    • Panch Tulsi Drops

      33.4% 100.00199.00 199.00

      Specification: Consume daily for best results. Directions for use: Drink 5–10 drops Punch Tulsi Drops in half of a glass (100ml) of milk/water/tea. Do this twice per day or consult with your doctor. Suitable for all age groups. For best results, use consistently & for overall health benefits.

    • Stem Cell Powder

      40% 400.00599.00 599.00

      Specifications: To get the best result of Rama International best ayurvedic medicine Stem Cell Powder- Take 10grams of this powder mixed with water, juice and advised to be taken with the morning meal. Serving size – 10g Serving per bottle – 60 **Use regularly for 6 – 12months for effective results

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